About Us

A Look Into Our Culture

professional and friendly
The work culture of XMC BPO is a blend of professionalism and friendliness. We give equal opportunities of growth in every realm of learning. We aim to create a welcoming working atmosphere so that our employees don’t feel smothered.
uplifting events
Entertaining events and special occasions are organized at regular intervals so that the employees are comforted and invigorated to take the challenges head on.
keeping the morale high
Our employees work hard to meet deadlines and targets. Inspiration is a great booster when it comes to delivering superior end results. So to ensure that the team is determined, team leads and managers keep the morale of the employees high through encouraging words. Good outstanding work is always recognized and rewarded in the form of perks, incentives, certificates, etc. Our employees never feel the absence of guidance and warmth of encouraging words from our support team.
Our Core

Who We Are

XMC BPO is a provider of business process management solutions, and technological solutions. We are a global company with clients in the United States, Australia, and Asia. We specialize in assisting companies in the areas of Entertainment, Healthcare and Medical, Insurance, Real Estate, Retail and E-commerce, Technology, Travel and Transportation and Financial Industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the one stop shop partner of choice providing simplified and cost-effective solutions to real world scenarios by applying technologies, knowledge, talent and hard work to enable your business to be more profitable and efficient.

Our Strengths

Our core strengths are our people who have decades of experience in understanding and delivering business process management services and information technology solutions that are key to run your business. We empower our people to exceptionally deliver while keeping in mind client and customer satisfaction.

We are a team of excellent communicators who can successfully engage with clients. We give value to an organization because we are exceptional at what we do –we are best at delivering support to all our clients.

We are Goal-Driven

How We Work

We are here to know your business environment and build your team that will support your requirements. We treat our clients as our partners thus we treat their business as our business. Our commitment to our clients is that the same as our commitment to their customers that’s to supply expert care, give rapid and simplified solution, protect the brand and also the users, and make better opportunities for interaction. We are with you each step of the way from strategic planning to operations management and everything in between.

Experience goal-driven offshore services once you get your preferred solutions from us. We provide tailor-fit results to support services like inbound or outbound calls, emails, live chat, back office and others.

Our mutual and dedicated team is furnished with the correct training to help balance your business.

So What Makes Us Different?

We don’t seem to be only your strategic business partner, we are your business’ extension. We operate as how our clients operate with identical future goals and applying their core values on how we act and do things.
As your extension, we work side by side to make sure growth and positive results lead to the best and the best way possible.
We curate a team detailed to your business objectives as well as accelerate your training. We encourage sharing of corporate culture in building camaraderie between your company and our internal team to relieve sheer cultural differences and make our partnership susceptible to communication. We always believe that finding similarities in each of our work approaches and company values can help us see each other’s perspectives. This way, we are able to better anticipate each other’s concerns in terms of processes as well as come up with ways to optimize roadmaps together.

As your extension, we work side by side to ensure growth and positive results in the simplest and most effective way possible.

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