Case Study

Entertainment Client

This case study offers insight on how an events company have seen an increase in their sales based on the solutions we have provided them.

The Challenge

The client was faced with issues handling after-sales concerns in real-time as his team is focused on marketing and pre-sales and he is the only one handling after-sales.

XMC Solution

XMC was able to identify that by implementing Freshdesk(our implementation partner) and setting up support email address on the said CRM, we are able to respond to all incoming concerns real-time and streamline his customer service support.

Client Result

The client was able to receive more positive feedback on his website leading to increase in ticket sales. In addition, client had the flexibility to have someone working, responding real-time to concerns, and filter incoming emails giving them more time to strategize on growing the business. This has allowed the client to produce more shows and concerts.

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