Finance and Insurance

XMC is in the forefront of consistently providing and exceeding industry standard service in finance and insurance.

Insurance coverage is a necessity for many; however, the industry is facing new challenges brought by the crisis on top of having to recover. Insurers must also adapt to technology advancements and tech-savvy customers and their changing needs, unpredictable market conditions, and growing number of competitors. By finding a balance between technologies and talent, we have helped our clients achieve operational and cost efficiency, customer service excellence and technological innovation to meet customer expectations.

Our solutions span across media channels including digital, mobile and web to gain a competitive advantage, always keeping in mind excellent customer experience and satisfaction.

Here are examples of current client operations:

XMC provides businesses of all sizes with a multitude of different services. While a traditional outsourcing company may focus solely on customer service we have expanded our services to multiple areas ranging from but not limited to information technology services, back office support, B2B or B2C sales, bookkeeping and accounting services, lead generation, revenue management, social media and website management, graphic design and web development. With this expanded focus, we are able to provide businesses with tremendous cost savings.

“We were looking for company that could scale with our growth and who had had the domain knowledge in Insurance. The team at XMC not just provided us with team with domain knowledge but also skilled in CRM tools that we use in the industry. Our growth targets over last four years has been well supported by XMC.”
– Insurance startup

Our Case Studies

Retail & E-commerce

Drive conversion of site visitors into contacts and ultimately customers

Media & Telecom

We provide software solutions to: E-Commerce, Insurance, Logistics, Human Resources, Legal, Manufacturing, Health and Retail verticals.

AI Enabled Solutions

Showcase company core services, web app features and introduction on how the fulfillment system works

As your extension, we work side by side to ensure growth and positive results in the simplest and most effective way possible.