Case Study

Real Estate Client

This case study provides insight on how a small sized real estate agency was able to expand their reach and scale their business with lesser marketing and payroll expense based on the solutions we have provided them.

The Challenge

The real estate agency was faced with issues scaling their agency as they required more labor for data entry and lead generation, but due to the competitive nature of the market the customer did not have the time for training.

XMC Solution

XMC was able to quickly identify the pain points of the client by providing a resource that immediately jump in to handle data entry and lead generation that was familiar with real estate.

Client Result

The real estate agency was able to grow their business without significantly increasing their payroll expenses. In addition, they had the flexibility to have someone working, sending reports to clients, and answering calls when they are meeting with clients. This has allowed the client to become one of the top producers in the Dallas market for their real estate company last quarter.

As your extension, we work side by side to ensure growth and positive results in the simplest and most effective way possible.

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