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Revamped ticket management process to eliminate unnecessary cost to service centers

Our client

Our client is a subsidiary of a global consumer electronics brand. They are known worldwide for their innovative designs. In 2016, they ended with minimal revenue and they look forward to improving the process of repair service requests and accessory replacement.

The challenge

Fifteen percent of the service orders sent to repair centers we trouble tickets, where no issue was identified on the equipment or the error encountered was a result of customer misuse.


Restructured training curriculum. Induction training per appliance created to ensure understanding on troubleshooting the equipment.
Prioritization of skill set depending on performance of the appliance group they serve.
Top Non-Defect Driver Certification, to align everyone with the steps taken to resolve the issue.
Proactive appliance health check and dirty ticket management process to review misses on troubleshooting steps performed.


Decrease in Non-Defect Transfers
0 %
Decrease in service repair cost
0 %
Improvement on First Call Resolution
0 %
CSAT Improvement
0 %

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