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The fast-paced growth of technology has shifted the way consumers interact with retailers in today’s market. E-commerce and online shopping have grown exponentially in the past few years. Consumer behavior has evolved drastically, with consumers now expecting a more personalized experience that caters to their individual preferences and needs. The rise of social media and online reviews has made it more critical for businesses to prioritize customer satisfaction.

A negative experience can quickly go viral and damage the company’s reputation, while positive feedback can attract new customers and promote brand loyalty.

Retailers must prioritize innovation, agility, and customer-centricity to succeed in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment. It means investing in efficient business process outsourcing and the latest technologies and tools to improve customer experience boost sales, and foster an environment of continuous improvement, collaboration, and experimentation within the organization.

By doing so, retailers can stay ahead of the competition in this digital age. XMC incorporates technology, talent, and strategy to provide simplified solutions that drive sales, consistency, and brand loyalty.

We curate offerings based on your customers’ needs
We keep retail experiences safe and secure
We leverage the best in tech and innovation

Offering Three Key Pillars of Support

Customer Experience

Efficient business process outsourcing can be a powerful tool for improving customer experience and building stronger customer relationships. Choosing XMC will help you improve resolution and efficiency thru collaborative efforts in identifying the pain points of your business. Thru clearly defined expectations, detailed training, and closely monitoring performance, we can ensure that bridging the causes of our pain points are always in check promoting better customer experience and brand loyalty.

Back Office Support

Outsourcing some processes can save retailers money by getting a more cost-effective team that can do some techniques that do not need manual labor. Accounting services, bookkeeping, and data entry are some of the functions we can help you manage your business. These functions are easy to scale depending on the market’s needs and demands, allowing your business to be efficient in operating cost and customer inquiries, ensuring that we cater to the needs of our customers while increasing profitability for your brand.

AI Enabled Services

AI and Digitization services can help retailers become more competitive and adapt to the changing retail landscape. Nowadays, digitization can help provide customer service through forms and chat bots but also help save costs by automating some of the processes retailers have at the back end. With AI and Digitization, we can create an efficient solution streamlined to optimize operational success and customer experience.

Amplify Your Channels

Amplify customer experience by providing omnichannel solutions, where customers can experience seamless experience thru multiple channels, such as voice, email, social media, and live chat. By integrating these channels, we can ensure that customers have a consistent experience regardless of how they interact. Giving our customers a choice can lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and business growth. We also use data analytics and customer insights to personalize the customer experience, providing targeted solutions and proactive support that can further enhance the customer experience.

Simplify The Customer Journey

XMC can offer customer support services, such as chatbots and call centers, which can quickly and efficiently resolve customer queries and complaints. This leads to a reduction in customer wait times and increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, we can also provide back-end support for retail clients, such as order processing and inventory management, which can further streamline the customer journey by ensuring accurate and timely delivery of products. Overall, we can help clients to focus on their core business activities while leaving the customer support and back-end operations to the experts.

Turn a Cost Center into a Revenue Generating Center

By adopting a more strategic approach to operational efficiency, we can turn your cost centers into revenue-generating centers. Instead of simply providing services to clients, we focus on adding value to your businesses by becoming strategic partners. By leveraging technology, process improvements, and data analytics to optimize business processes, cost reduction, and improve efficiency, we can maximize the revenue potential of our clients, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. We also explore new revenue streams by offering additional services, such as consulting or implementation services, that align with their client’s needs. By taking these steps, XMC can transform cost centers into strategic partners contributing to your company’s growth and success.

Protect Your Brand

We can protect our client’s brand by providing a wide range of services and improved customer experience with reduced risks. Aside from handling customer service inquiries, order processing, and fulfillment, our clients can benefit from the latest technology and data analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions that improve overall efficiency.

Our Results


Manufacturer of kids and adult trampolines


Implement CMS, engaging with clients across channels


Improvement in Ratings

We created a software development team with XMC BPO in Philippines. Right from the beginning we mixed our teams in the US with our team in Philippines. It worked perfectly. Now we are expanding in both countries.
Ecommerce Partner

Sustained Success for Your Brand, Users, Buyers, Sellers, and Shareholders


We assisted our clients in generating a 45% increase in market share while reducing the operating cost, thus increasing revenue for the business.

Customer Care

Provided seamless touchpoints for faster response and adapted consultative care to provide tailored options to consumers.

Sales Support

Thru technology, we can provide a seamless experience to our consumers. From order-taking to after-sales care, our flexibility is a testament that we are a reliable partner to our clients.

We work side by side to ensure growth and positive results in the simplest and most effective way possible.

Providing simplified and cost-effective BPO services to real-world scenarios by applying technology, knowledge, and hard work.

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