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The COVID–19 pandemic has significantly changed the healthcare and insurance industry, causing strain on processes and systems worldwide. The need for both health care insurance and income protection have increased demands. As a result, insurance providers must allocate more resources to ensure the effective oversight and management of our customer’s accounts.

Providing reliable and efficient health care insurance and Income protection has become increasingly important in today’s landscape. Providers need to provide a more creative approach to deliver exceptional patient or customer care to ensure client retention and loyalty.

Our solutions can effectively decrease costs, increase operational efficiencies, enhance technologies, and enhance revenue while providing customer care. By embracing innovation and finding a balance between technology and human talent, we can provide excellent ways to deliver exceptional customer experience and provide critical support to our customers.

Stabilize and Simplify

Our team utilizes leading-edge tooling to serve a wide range of projects and workflows.

Secured Patient Information

Compliant with worldwide privacy and security regulations to safeguard patient information

Boost Value

We have the capability to source top-notch talent globally since we have locations and employees across the world.

Our Expertise

Patient survey management is a crucial aspect of healthcare services, as it provides valuable insights into the quality of care provided by healthcare organizations. Once the survey has been designed, a team of highly analytic individuals is dedicated to reviewing, analyzing, and making recommendations. This aspect of the business is essential to improve the quality of service and the type of products that we provide to our patients.

By working with XMC, healthcare and insurance services can gather valuable customer feedback, identify improvement areas, and create data-driven decisions that would improve member satisfaction, building customer loyalty.

Appointment scheduling can be time-consuming and tedious for healthcare providers, taking up a significant amount of their time that could be spent on patient care. As a partner, XMC can provide healthcare providers with a dedicated team to handle appointment scheduling and other related tasks, allowing providers to focus more on their healthcare activities cost-effectively.

With a dedicated team, you can benefit from us by getting a more streamlined and efficient appointment setting and scheduling process for your patients. With this, we allow you to reduce costs, improve efficiency and patient satisfaction and give you a chance to focus on the core nature of your business.

Outsourcing back-office member enrollment in healthcare processes can be wise for healthcare organizations looking to streamline their operations and reduce costs. Member enrollment is a critical process that requires accuracy, attention to detail, and timely completion to ensure that healthcare providers are adequately reimbursed for their services.

From data entry to eligibility determinations, you can rest assured that member enrollments are appropriately done, and confidential patient information is protected.

Outsourcing has become a popular strategy for healthcare organizations looking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. One that has proved particularly effective is in revenue management back office solutions. Billing and coding, Claims management, Denial Management, Payment Posting, Collections, and revenue cycle analysis are essential functions we provide to help healthcare organizations manage their business.

At XMC, we are committed to helping our healthcare partners improve their financial performance. By providing professional XMC BPO services with technology and workforce, we can improve economic performance and provide more time for our partners to focus on what is important: quality patient care.

The emergence of COVID-19 had a profound impact on our world, sparking widespread panic and prompting the need for increased precautions to prevent its spread. To combat the virus, hospitals and other health institutions have implemented a triage process to screen patients for symptoms, with the goal of limiting transmission. Healthcare providers and government agencies have also created user-friendly applications to help individuals assess their own risk levels and make informed decisions about socializing. By leveraging such technology, certain healthcare and other institutions can access detailed checklists uploaded via the application. At XMC, we are proud to offer a team of skilled developers who can help optimize your organization’s screening efficiency and prevent unnecessary costs. This can allow you to focus on your core responsibilities and ultimately deliver better outcomes for your business.

Outsourcing back office updates on patient records can help providers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure accuracy in their patient record keeping. With a robust data security measure, we update our patient records following privacy laws such as HIPAA. 
Our experience handling healthcare providers ensures that we understand your specific requirements and patient needs clearly. We are your trusted partner in ensuring patient records are updated in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

We provide streamlined processes for claims processing that yields cost savings and improved patient satisfaction. We explore various technologies such as AI and RPA to automate routine tasks and access skilled workforce, thus improving efficiency and accuracy while reducing the workload of in-house staff.

Our Results


Leading health insurance providers in the US


Phone app development, Omni channel support, In-app COVID checklist


Increase in response time in inquiries solved.

XMC BPO team was able to provide us with certified medical professionals who are trained as clinicians, providing level 1 and level 2 support for our FDA approved medical devices.
Healthcare Partner

Deliver world-class results for our healthcare clients that drive transparency and trust with patients and members

24/7 Omnichannel Support

Engage members and patients wherever they are in the world, through whatever channel they choose.

Rapid scale and consistent quality

Leverage specific recruiting, training, and enabling technology to build a team of experts who live your mission.

Frontline-First and Digital-Savvy

Ensuring talent and technology is combined to ensure utmost patient care

We work side by side to ensure growth and positive results in the simplest and most effective way possible.

Providing simplified and cost-effective BPO services to real-world scenarios by applying technology, knowledge, and hard work.

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