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Case Study: Healthcare

Digital Transformation of Healthcare: The Impact and Opportunities of Mobile Applications during the Pandemic.

healthcare laboratory staff
healthcare representative handshake with the client

Our client

Our client is one of the leading health insurance providers in the US. Covering members from 40 states in the US with almost 500,000 members. They seek efficient ways to respond to our customer’s inquiries and requests so they get the most up-to-date medical care needed depending on their symptoms.

The challenge

Fifty percent increase in online inquiries related to covid symptoms experienced. Growth was attributed to the shortages of in-house or onsite hospital care available.


Phone application development:
  • Developed additional functions for smartphone applications. In response to the growing need for healthcare response. i.e( TeleConsult, at home lab requests.)
Omni channel support response:
  • Dedicated Omni channel support staff on standby to address inquiries posted by patients, whether COVID or Non-COVID Related
  • Mobile Laboratory scheduling or appointment setting.
  • Partnered with local laboratories to provide patients with on-call blood drawing and covid testing.
In-App COVID Checklist:
  • Incorporated an in-app checklist to identify the severity of COVID infections, helping patients to identify if they are experiencing severe symptoms.
  • In App Drugstore – where members can order medicines thru the app to be delivered by a partner local pharmacy.


0 %
Increase in patient satisfaction
0 %
Increase in response time in inquiries solved. Where 85% is within Service Level Threshold.
0 %
Decrease in covid related hospitalizations eliminating almost 80% of mild symptom cases
0 %
Revenue Growth thru partnerships with pharmacies and mobile diagnostic laboratories.

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