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Improved market share and customer experience by effectively utilizing CRM tools

Our client

The client created brand of products to help kids and adults stay active and have fun while doing so! All their products are developed with families safety and comfort in mind. With little kids jumpers, their big outdoor trampolines to their playground equipment, client’s products are designed to maximize the fun factor while it’s customers can get fun family time and great exercise!

The challenge

The client was looking to drive both cost savings and maximize revenue while also increasing its market-share and customer satisfaction ratings. The client wanted to reduce inconsistencies in its online product related data, pricing and media across over 100 online retail channels. The customer satisfaction and ratings were dropping and client wanted to bolster customer service throughout the customer journey with high quality social media engagement and higher levels of service.


Improve customer satisfaction by engaging with clients across channels including social media and reducing response times.
Deploy trained resources who could resolve 95% of customer issues within first contact, improving customer ratings and satisfaction.
Implement content management system, keeping product data in sync with over 100 ecommerce and retail channels.
Multidisciplinary teams consisting of customer service, graphic artists, content and social media managers to deploy total solution.


Improvement in Ratings
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Online Retailers
Increase in Marketshare
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