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Strengthening support empowerment through automated history review

Our client

The client is a regional bank in the central part of the US. They cater to personal banking needs, loans, and mortgages to ninety percent of the central region.

The challenge

The institution posts a monthly credit and adjustment waiver of twenty seven percent. They needed help in decreasing the adjustments given to account holders, by doing this they will be able to provide healthy balance and consistency on their revenue.


Regulated Thresholds

Provided controlled thresholds on adjustments and waivers provided each customer.

Automated Account Review

Integrated a review on customer account history, such tenure, frequency of forgiveness and year to date exemption granted.

Training and Roll out of Account Review Process

Phased roll out of systems and process improvement and incorporated retraining of people driven opportunities identified during RCA

Frequent touch base & performance checks

Weekly and Monthly performance reviews dedicated to identifying traction on adjustments and waivers.


YTD Cost Savings
0 K
Growth by channeling the cost saved to other products and services
Improvement on adjustments and waivers 
0 %

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