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Our client

Our client is a credit card loyalty program that provides travel perks to their loyal card members. In 2021, they commenced negotiations to have an in-house reservation and ticketing department. However, since most carriers have extended all tickets affected by Covid Lockdown, the in-house support will not be able to cater to the business.

The challenge

The client extended the partnership agreement and new processes was added aside from the usual process initially trained for our existing pool. At the launch of the new process eighty percent of the agent population were unable to meet the contractual AHT Goal causing impact on service level and customer experience.


Revisited confusing process created a decision tree call flow to alleviate confusion in a situational and conditional scenario.
Identified top call drivers and recertify based on the new call flow.
Strict airline call validation process to alleviate increase in hold time, while waiting for the carrier to answer.


Improvement on call answer rate
0 %
Net Promoter Score improvement
0 %
Improvement on handle time week on week
0 m

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